Why Do We Say ‘Tis The Season! And What Does It Mean

’tis the season! We all say it, as the year progress and the holiday season in closing near, you start hearing the famous catch phrase all around you, but did you ever wondered why do we say ‘Tis the season? We will try and find out in this article and give you as much info as we can find.

If you’re like me, and you love Christmas movies, you probably saw the classic film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the awkward scene where Clark Griswold is trying to talk to a pretty lady in the lingerie store only to look like a fool. But while doing his best to speak, he actually made one sentence that stayed with us ever since, and of course we talk about the tis the season to be merry sentence that just stuck.

‘Tis the season meaning

‘Tis is a contraction of the words it is, and the meaning of the phrase is to say it is the season, more specifically, it is the holiday season. Usually people saying it mean it is around Christmas time, or Christmas is just around the corner. People say this to emphasis their actions like doing good, volunteering and other activities you normally do around Christmas time.

Where did tis the season came from?

Most people know ’tis the season phrase from the popular Christmas song Deck The Halls, just to remind you how it goes, it’s something like this:

” Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la . . . “

Here’s the video of the song with lyrics:



What is ’tis, is it really a word?

‘Tis, is actually a combination of the two words it and is so when you say ’tis you mean, it is xxx. You won’t find this word contraction being used almost anywhere else beside with the phrase ’tis the season! The word season refers to the Christmas season that comes every year at the end of December, but people and businesses starts to celebrate it as early as beginning of December, that’s why the whole month is referred as ” the season ”

A few more examples of tis the season being used

Johnny and Mary are thinking about where to go to eat dinner tonight. Johnny says he heard this new place opened up offering delicious candy cane desserts and other Christmas delights.

Mary likes the idea and say ” Well, tis the season as Christmas is just two weeks away, ” and off they went.


Yet another example is Bob and Gary.

Bob says to Gary that he feels like there are a lot of people who need help and he wants to do more to help humanity instead of just focusing on himself, as a successful businessman, he already has more than enough for him and his family, so giving back is a natural thing to do.

Gary loves this idea, and replies” ’tis the season to give back right? ” happens all the time around Christmas time.

Why the apostrophe?

When using a contraption word, you need to use an apostrophe, ’tis is a contraption of the words it is, so make sure to use the apostrophe and not quotation marks.

hope this answered your questions about the popular phrase, please share with your friends and leave comments below


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