Why Do People Tailgate In Traffic And What Are Tailgating Parties

There are actually two variations to the word tailgate. In this article we will explain them both, why do people tailgate – in the sense of driving too closely behind another car, and why people tailgate in the sense of serving food and gathering usually at the back of a truck at sport events. So which ever the two you searched for, you will get your answer here.

So why do people tailgate – Driving too close to another car from behind

The most obvious reason for people tailgating another car is the fact they are in a hurry, and they drive close to the car in front of them to signal it to move away to another lane so they can speed through.

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Some drivers are just not aware they are driving too close to the car in front of them, so they think they have a safe distance, but the driver in front knows that if he suddenly has to break, a collision will take place.

Yet another reason for this behaviour can be explained as a power trip. Some people feel they need to power other people and they usually do this in other parts of life other than driving, so they drive close and try to intimidate the other driver to move away out of fear, making them feel better and powerful on the road.

On the flip side, some drivers drive too slow in the fast lane. Usually the left lane is reserved for the cars who drive the fastest, if you drive slower than most cars in the left lane you will constantly be tailgate and force the other drivers to pass you from the right side or blink you. So there are two sides to this, but this applies only if you drive really slow, going over the speed limit is no excuse to tailgate someone.

Here’s a video showing why you shouldn’t tailgate on the road

How to deal with someone tailgating you on the road

Here are a few simple ways you can handle a situation where another driver is tailgating you on the road

1. Remain calm and just move to the right lane, it’s not worth fighting for and risk yourself and the people around you on the road.

2. If there is no other lanes and you feel discomfort you can always carefully stop at the side of the road and let the other car pass you by so you could then continue your ride safely.

3. Follow a truck, YUP! Trucks usually drive slower than other cars, so if you drive behind it at a safe distance, you will feel comfortable at that slower speed and most drivers will notice the truck from far away and pass you by with out tailgating.

Why do people tailgate at sport events

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If you came here looking to learn why do people tailgate at sporting events, this is the section for you. So tailgating at sporting events is the act of parking your truck at the parking lot of a football game for example, crank up your music volume, set up a BBQ and have drinks for your guests.

People love showing up to games hours before the actually game and tailgate. Sometimes they don’t even go inside to watch the game and just listen to it on the radio from their car or display it on a portable TV right there in the parking lot.

What is tailgating? 


Well, the term was coined in the United States after people started doing it before major sport games or concerts. Tailgate parties are the act of parking your car at the parking lot of the stadium and gather with friends and family and even strangers by consuming drinks ( usually alcohol ) and eating grilled food. The unwritten laws of tailgating usually include that each person coming to a tailgate party needs to bring something with them, either drinks or food to share with everyone else.

Tailgating parties are not meant to be commercial in nature, meaning the orginaziers of the tailgate do not sell anything to the guests, everyone is just there to have a good time and socialize.

What type of food and drinks do you get at tailgating parties? 

Well, there is no rule to this, but it’s safe to say that mostly people will consume alcoholic drinks or soda drinks and eat various types of meat on the grill. Some of the most popular meat you will find is hamburgers and hot dogs. There is even a brand of cheese that was invented because of the tailgating parties and it’s called Palmetto Cheese.

Tailgating party games

Other than just drink and eat at tailgating parties. people often like to play some lawn games. These include games like: JanJam, Cornhole and Ladder Golf to name a few. People usually play these games because they are easy to set up and easy to follow. No one likes to think too much or try something really complicated while tailgating.

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