Why Do People Put Salt In Beer, It Sounds Weird, But It Happens

Have you ever seen a person pouring salt into his beer? Apperently, this is something that happens, if you want to know why do people put salt in beer, than keep reading. And don’t judge before you know the facts, some things that sound weird at first make sense later, so keep reading.

There are different reasons why people want to salt up their beer, we searched the web for the most correct and obvious reasons and we found a few that we think are the best ones. from added flavour to bringing back the sing in a flat beer, pouring slat into the drink is something many people do.

So why do people put salt in beer anyway? Here are the main reasons

Here are the most popular reasons people salt their beers according to bartenders around the world:

1. They like the way it tastes – The more scientific reason for this answer is because salt is a natural flavor enhancer.

2.  The salt makes them thirsty again so they can drink more beer – Salt increases salt, it’s a fact.

3. They don’t have to pee – So salt retains water, so you don’t have to pee so often.

4. My dad and grandma used to put salt in their beers – It’s a family tradition.

5. When I add salt, I don’t belch so much – Salt removes carbonation, so belching is reduced.

6. I can drink more, I don’t fill up – Again, less carbonation means you can drink more.

7. I saw someone doing it – Social pressure, if your friends are doing it, you want to try.

Another reason we saw popping back up is that if a beer goes flat, pouring salt in it will make the foam go back up and bring a little bit of life into it.

We also heard about people saying it lessens the bitter taste that beer has, so by adding salt, it becomes more salty and less bitter for people who just can’t stand the bitter taste. We all know that the taste of beer is an acquired taste, no everyone will like it, and most people when they start drinking beer they don’t really love the taste at first.

why do people put salt in beer 2 (1)

Only after a while you acquire the unique taste a beer has and start enjoying it and really loving it. Obviously not everyone, but for some, sure.

We hope this answered your question about why people add salt to their beer and please also check out this article explaining why water puts out fire


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