Wax Hoya Plant, The Low Maintenance Tropical Flower


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This fragrant, whimsically low maintenance tropical flower which was named after the 18th century Botanist, Thomas Hoy as a tribute to his wonderful contribution to the Science of plants. The Asian Native Hoya was also hereby introduced by the Scottish Botanist Robert Brown into cultivation and growing it.

It’s nature and family was derived from a Latin word  Asclepiadaceae which is also known as the milkweed family and is commonly called wax flower, Indian rope plant, wax plant, honey plant etc. This plant grows elsewhere for as the weather is tropical. It’s normal height shoots up between 2-4 feet only. It require either full or partial sun exposure for its flowers to bud.

Hoya flowers bloom all throughout the summer months and usually grow in a ball-shaped similar to hydrangeas where each cluster may contain up to 40 individual flowers, packed tightly together.

Based on their common name, the flowers on this plant appears to be shaped from porcelain or wax that they almost look so perfectly molded.

The plant itself creates a woody stem with waxy leaves which are dark green.

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Since Hoya plant is a low maintenance flower, it does not require beyond the needs and demands of a tropical flower. They are fine with a not so wet feet or heavy soil. They are very easy to be taken care of.

For more and futher details about the maintenance and design tips, please do visit the website below. Learn and become a gardener with this amazing plant.

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