Upside Down House Looks Like It Was Dropped From The Sky


Designed by architects Marek Rozhanski and Glowacki from Poland, this upside down house is located in Tertens, Austria and it will surely make your head spin. The house is perched on its gabled peak and visitors can walk through the entire house complete with bathrooms and living areas

upside down house 1

 Just like from a movie scene, visitors who approach this house say it looks like it has fallen from the sky and crashed upside down

upside down house 2

The top of the house with the roof peaks rests on its chimney and a pile of rubble, the base of the house points unevenly into the sky

upside down house 3

Inside the house, the rooms have an anti-gravity effect. As visitors walk through the rooms each item in the house is kept in place to further contribute to the illusion of the anti-gravity

upside down house 4

Toys scattered around the house in the living room and dining area, stools and countertops all upside down, the  ” kids ” room is every child dream with a fire truck bed and may stuffed toys that are stuck to the ceiling  of course 

upside down house 5

In the garage there is a classic Volkswagen Beetle with extra tiers ans some tools, Even in the bathroom you can see that the toilet seat is still up

upside down house 6

This house is not the first upside down house in the world. but it is for sure a great visit if you’re in that area

upside down house 7

Source: Inhabitat


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