This Octopus Backpack Looks Creepy AF But I Really Want One

octopus backpack feat (1)

Nope. This octopus backpack is too creepy for me. It looks like it was made of human skin or maybe even a real octopus with weirdly pigmented skin. I can kind of see how this would be a cool idea. Like “Hey, you made this thing. It’s really weird and creepy, but you made it.”

So congratulations to Alexander Dedkov and Olga Kotova on Etsy for creating this octopus bag nightmare fuel. I have one important question for them. Does it have to have eyes? I think if I were walking behind someone with this backpack looking octopus staring at me I’d just run in the opposite direction. What if it was sleeping? Maybe that would make it less scary. What would even possess someone to create something like this? I have to admit, I admire their creepy creativity.

All of my criticism aside, if you’re a fan of creepy stuff or underwater creatures, this backpack is probably for you. Let us know what you think and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

From far away this backpack will look just like an octopus

octopus backpack (1)


Why did they have to add eyes? Looks so real it’s creepy

octopus backpack 2 (1)

The zipper is on the inside so it won’t show when you put it on. Nice touch

octopus backpack 3 (1)

From the outside this octopus backpack has a large place to put your stuff inside

octopus backpack 4 (1)

” Hey, yeah this is my friend George, it’s not a backpack, we are best friends forever “

octopus backpack 5 (1)

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