This Adorable Dog Teepee Is Everything Your Dog Wants And More

dog teepee 1

Fan of camping? If the answer is yes, and above that, you are a dog owner, here is something you won’t be able to resist. Adorable bed for your furry friend which will bring the sense of camping right into your living room. The Dog Teepee

dog teepee 2

Florida-based online store Pipolli is selling these miniature tents which your pet can chill or sleep and it looks like he’s camping in a special dog teepee. The tents are made of 100% cotton canvas fabric and have a  very stylish design. As you can see from the photos, three patterns are available: stripes, polka dots, and a cactus print, so you can find a perfect match for your room.

dog teepee 3

“Everyone needs a little space just for themselves, including our furry friends,” stands in a product description.

dog teepee 4

“These teepees provide the perfect escape for your dog and are a charming addition to any room.”

dog teepee 5

Besides the fact they look awesome, they are very practical; lightweight and is easy to assemble. The dog teepees also come with a matching zippered mat and a carry bag, so when you go on a real camping your bestie will have his own teepee he’s already used to.

dog teepee 6

You can find more info about your pet’s new bed over on Pipolli’s Etsy page.

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