These Star Wars Shoes Are So Cool I Want To Join The Dark Side

star wars shoes feat

Do you love Star Wars but have zero sense of fashion? Well, here are some Star Wars shoes that will make people say “wow… you really love Star Wars, huh?” Make all your friends jealous of your super cool, albeit tacky, shoes. Of course, a true fan wouldn’t let the fashion police get in the way of expressing their true nerd love.

Tackiness aside, the heels look like they might be really stable. I mean, when your heel is a Yoda figurine, you’ve probably got all the stability you need. And if you’re a woman and your boyfriend is a hardcore fan, these shoes should definitely work for you. But it might help if he also had a foot fetish.

Even considering the craziness that is this shoe collection, I’m sure the designer made them with love. You’d have to have a pretty deep love for Star Wars to create something like this.The hardest part of making these shoes was to get the characters tone and size to be just right, and to also get the approval of Lucas films.

Take a look at all these Star Wars shoes and let us know what you think in the comments section. I’m partial to the fuzzy Chewy boots, myself. More info:

Luke Skywalker inspired Star Wars Shoes

star wars shoes (1)


Darth Vader and a stormtrooper heels

star wars shoes 2 (1)

Front view of the shoes

star wars shoes 3 (1)

Yoda shoes that will give you the force

star wars shoes 4 (1)

Back view of the heel

star wars shoes 5 (1)


R2-D2 – these are beautiful

star wars shoes 6 (1)

Here’s a better look at the heel

star wars shoes 7 (1)

Chewbacca high Star Wars Shoes that look so comfy

star wars inspired shoes 8 (1)

Smiling at you on the back side

star wars inspired shoes 9 (1)


Different type of shoe, same Chewbacca

star wars inspired shoes 10 (1)

The Rebel Alliance

star wars inspired shoes 11 (1)

Jedi master

star wars inspired shoes 12 (1)

Droids shoes

star wars inspired shoes 13 (1)


Simple Darth Vader shoes

star wars inspired shoes 14 (1)

Look at the bottom part, so cool!

star wars inspired shoes 15 (1)

C3PO shoes

star wars inspired shoes 16 (1)

Join the dark side

star wars inspired shoes 17 (1)Adorable couple

star wars shoes 18 (1)

If you’re a hardcore fan, share with friends your why not?

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