The Most Expensive iPhone Case Imaginable: It Costs More Than An iPhone


How much are you willing to pay for a titanium iPhone case that they say is unbeatable? iPhones are very expensive things and you have to protect these expensive and fragile things with something just as expensive, right? Or maybe more expensive?

How about an iPhone case that costs $1,345. Yes, more than the actual phone it is made to protect. If you are a luxury lover and extravagant is your nickname, then this Advent Collection iPhone case from Gray is the right choice for you. This is a luxury brand based in Singapore and their iPhone case is the only one in the world that actually exceeds the price of the iPhone.

It is made from a solid block of titanium that is modelled into a phone case. It’s treated to gain a rainbow glow. They are numbered, just like prints of art. You do not get just a simple iPhone case, you get a work of art. Do you understand?

If you’re curious how this $1,345 iPhone case looks and feels like, take a look at the photos below. We warn you, there are some graphic content. The case comes in a case itself, a very expensive-looking one. The case of the iPhone case has a very premium,heavy aluminum, high-quality feel about it. In the case of the iPhone case you will find the two main parts that you will mount on the side of the iPhone. Each case is individually numbered. You will know you have quite an exclusive product. The logo is laser-etched. Once you put it on your phone, it feels solid, but it doesn’t come with a screen protector. You need to buy that one, too. No big deal since you’ve afforded this $1,345 iPhone case.

Gray also makes other titanium iPhone cases that are expensive, but not this expensive. You can consider those as well, if your budget is madly screaming right now

Would you pay $1,345 for an Iphone case?

most expensive iphone case (1)Hollis Johnson


The case is so luxurious it comes with it’s own fancy case

most expensive iphone case 2 (1)Hollis Johnson

Inside you will find two pieces that make this unique case, each is numbered

most expensive iphone case 3 (1)Hollis Johnson

The case is made from titanium so it could stand heavy drops

most expensive iphone case 4 (1)Hollis Johnson

Each piece is numbered so you would know it’s unique

most expensive iphone case 5 (1)Hollis Johnson


The company says that the rainbow effect finish comes from hand touching the titanium

most expensive iphone case 6 (1)GRAY

The logo is laser edged and looks elegant

most expensive iphone case 7 (1)GRAY

To put it together you need to slide each side on your phone

most expensive iphone case 8 (1)Hollis Johnson

Once the case is in place, it feels strong and solid, we recommend getting a screen protector also.

most expensive iphone case 9 (1)Hollis Johnson


Here’s the completed look, looks pretty fancy right?

most expensive iphone case 10 (1)Hollis Johnson

The idea is that it corners the corners so if you drop it most of the time phones will crack in the corner

most expensive iphone case 11 (1)Hollis Johnson

 The case is specifically designed to look rugged, and not soft, it’s a nice contrast to the iPhone’s sleek design

most expensive iphone case 12 (1)Hollis Johnson

So, is the most expensive iPhone case worth $1,345? Who are we to say.

most expensive iphone case 14 (1)Hollis Johnson


The company also have different styles and designs

most expensive iphone case 15 (1)GRAY

If you can afford it, you can choose from these colors

most expensive iphone case 16 (1)GRAY

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