Teacher Is Moved To Tears By Students Surprising Him With a Birthday Cake


We used to say that birthday cakes, balloons, and parties are just for kids, and you know how kids love it when their guests sing the happy birthday song before they blow the candles.

But how about if a grown man who seldom remembers the last time he had a birthday cake, and can’t even remember the last time he had his own birthday party. What if this man will be surprised with balloons, cake, and a banner created by people who are not even related to him?

This video below, after being uploaded to social media, has immediately gone viral because of the priceless reaction of the man who is an English teacher at Burleson High School.

He was celebrating his birthday that day, but he never expected that his students were cooking a surprise for him in their classroom. To his astonishment, he had to wipe off tears from his eyes. Tears of joy, I must say, but moments like these are heartwarming and priceless!

Thanks to the students who went the extra mile to make their teacher’s birthday extra special. Though, he was speechless, he still managed to thank them for the treat they organized.

Source: Huffingtonpost



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