Dubai Just Built These Luxuris Underwater Homes You Can’t Afford

If you think of Dubai you think of shopping malls, skyscraper hotels and hot deserts. You don’t usually think of the sea. That’s all about to change.

underwater homes

Dubai boasts an archipelago of man-made islands called “The World” which have been manufactured to look like, well…the world. Part of this atlas is called The Heart of Europe and it will soon host the first floating home named the “Floating Seahorse.”

underwater homes

Apart from an unrivaled ocean view this home will also boast an undersea view. Yes you got it, part of the house; the bathroom and bedroom to be exact, will be below sea level and surrounded by a man-made coral reef.

To design this beauty of a floating home it took the design firm, the Kleindienst Group over 5,000 hours of research, 13,000 hours of design and it costs mere $2.8 million.

But it’s not all glitz, the man-made reef will be home to an endangered seahorse population, helping to reintroduce them in a safe environment.




underwater homes 3

underwater homes 4

Source: Thechive


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