Waking Up In The Morning Has Never Been Easier With This Alarm Clock


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Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest thing to do everyday, especially when you only got a few hours of sleep. And if you’re a kind of person who loves your bed so much, that you don’t want to get up until your alarm clock gets tired of snoozing, I bet you badly need this newest alarm clock introduced on the Awesome Inventions that will seriously cause you to wake up and will absolutely brighten up your morning with additional twist.

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Designer Josh Renouf based in U.K. would even make you more excited to wake up in the morning with his newly built stellar alarm clock that also functions as a coffee maker, making you to get up with its fresh aromatic brewed coffee.

Photos show this coffee machine which is named as “Barisieur” is composed of a retro stainless steel percolator on a stained-wood based atop a digital clock. Based on Renouf’s website, this coffee machine uses “stainless steel ball bearings that boil the water through induction heating,” that percolates through the coffee and then to the cup. This is definitely a typical alarm clock that you should press the snooze button.

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The sad part is, the clock isn’t available yet for purchase but everyone is encouraged to sign up to be kept posted and updated once development is already through. The estimated retail price of  this machine is around £200-£250 which us about US$290-$362. So this is worth the investment if you hate to wake up in the morning or if you are a lover of coffee.

But you might also want to give this to someone’s special day, so don’t mind the price!

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