Take a Perfect Selfie With Your Dog With This Genius Phone Accessory


Having a problem with how you are going to have a perfect selfie pose with your pooch? A resident from San Diego named Jason Hernandez have that problem resolved for you! His company, Clever Dog Products, recently introducing the Pooch Selfie, a selfie stick for dogs. This selfie stick has a quite simple design. You’ll just need to attach this Pooch selfie with a tennis ball at the top of your phone so the dog’ attention will be fixed right on the camera. This brilliant phone attachment will definitely create a perfect selfie for your dog since their eyes will be totally focus on the ball and they will sit still for as long as you want them.

dog selfie product 1

You might be thinking, “How come I didn’t think about that?” “It doesn’t even crossed my mind to design something like this brilliant phone attachment!”

“Pooch Selfie does exactly what it is supposed to do in holding a dog’s attention,” said Hernandez. “It doesn’t change who the dog is, so if you have a bad dog, you have a bad dog.” What a picture perfect it will create!

This Pooch Selfie targets to be shipped by December 2015. Meanwhile, you can purchase one of these 3D printed devices through Kickstarter for only $13.

More info: poochselfie.com Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: elitedaily)

dog selfie product 2

dog selfie product 3

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Source: Boredpanda