Girlfriend’s Birthday Present: Word Clock That Shows A Special Message Every Year


A guy who is supposed to give a special birthday present to his girlfriend who is turning 18 years old, built an awesome word clock that displays a special message every  year on her birthday. That was 2 weeks before when he taught of something exquisite yet simple, one of a kind, and priceless gift a girl could receive on her special day. After searching for witty gift ideas for few days, he saw a detailed log of a word clock in Dutch language. He immediately worked on the project since it was a real huge amount of work so he could finish it before his girl’s birthday comes. The result of the project was great yet, before his girlfriend turns 18, she broke up with him so he didn’t get the chance to give this awesome gift to her. What an irony isn’t it?

word clock 1

This word clock is designed to display a a rainbow colored special birthday message on her birthday,aside from the time. It also displays time as words and minutes in multiples of five. For example, 15:02 (or 03:02), it is displayed as “Het is drie uur” which means “It is three o’clock”. Its dimensions are 5 centimeters thick, and has a height and width of 25 centimeters.

A rainbow colored message of happy birthday will be displayed once a year with the text in Dutch,“Fijne verjaardag Anouk” meaning, Happy Birthday, Anouk which is her name.

word clock 2

At the right side of the clock, there are two push buttons used to adjust the time, one is to add 5 minutes and the other is to deduct 5 minutes. It will be activated to special mode when both buttons are pressed! Compared  to other word clocks that are expensive, he only spent about €100 for its parts yet he spent about more than a hundred hours to finish it.

Now, for the detailed instructions of how this word clock was built, visit his website:

word clock 3


word clock 4

Here is the translation chart, that translate every word lighten up.

word clock 5

That’s the illuminated push buttons.

word clock 6

word clock 7

word clock 8

word clock 9

word clock 10

word clock 11

word phone 23


word phone 234

Source: Imgur