Some Of The Strangest Websites On The Internet

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With it being so easy to create a website these days, literally anyone can carve out their piece of the Internet. All it takes is an idea, even if it is completely offbeat. And the Internet is full of totally weird, strange and obscure websites that seem to exist just because they are odd and unusual. But what are the most strange ones among all the strange online places?

Just think about it: anyone with a basic Internet use skills can use a website creator to make up whatever they want, right? Eventually, all it takes is using an idea and turning it into a website, and whether this website is popular or not, it in any case already exists within online space.


Have you ever found yourself bored, having nothing to do and no one to talk to? Click on over to Cleverbot and you can have entire conversations with an artificial intelligence. Cleverbot seems to know almost everything.

Staggering Beauty

So, when you load up this site, you will be greeted by a single wiggly worm on the screen. The instructions on the screen will tell you to “shake vigorously.”  In other words, move your mouse all over the place. We won’t tell you what happens or anything, but give it a go.


Who doesn’t love bubble wrap, right? Well, this site is like virtual bubble wrap. Pop away on the bubbles to your heart’s content.


This one is kind of interesting and creative. It is a bit of an infinite zoom illusion that has been created with flash. And it just sort of goes on and on.  A definite must see if you need a time waster.


Well, here you move your cursor around the screen randomly. When you stop, a photo will come up of someone who just happens to be pointing at your pointer. It’s insanely random but can make a clever way to pass some time.

Falling Falling

Maybe one of the most strange and pointless sites on the Internet. When you load it up, there is an object falling. And it keeps on falling. It is on an endless loop and never reaches bottom.

Eel Slap

This one is not only strange and unusual, but it gives you a chance to work off some of that frustration you build up during the work day.  Moving your mouse causes an eel hand to slap a man on screen. The faster you move, the more spectacular the slap.

Feed the Head

Here, you can do a variety of things, all strange and unusual, with heads, eyes, ears, and other parts of the face. Eventually, the point is to make it all vanish. While strange, it is a bit of a difficult and addicting game. You may just enjoy it.

With the easy availability of website platforms and the fact that anyone can create a website these days, there are a plethora of useless, unusual and downright weird websites out there on the Internet. These days, anyone can hop onto a website creator and carve out their place. So, it is no surprise that there is so much strange and unusual out there.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more odd and weird out there just waiting to be discovered. You would be amazed at what you can find when you have some time to kill. So just boot up your trusty computer and give the Internet a look. But consider yourself warned. With all this strange and unusual out there, it is a veritable black whole that you are falling into. You will never be the same.

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