Snoop Dogg Gave Out Over A Thousand Turkeys To Those In Need Prior To Thanksgiving Day


What’s the most generous and probably one of the noble things you can do for anyone this holiday season, spreading the spirit of true thanksgiving? For the iconic Snoop Dogg, the best way to spread the true spirit of thanksgiving is by giving away turkeys to less fortunate ones.

And we are not talking about just a hundred, but more than a thousand!

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Last year, the rap icon went around the city of Inglewood, California and surveyed the place to find out how he could reach out to the community.

Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. regards the city to be his second home where his production crew is based.

Therefore, the City Mayor James Butts advised him to give out turkeys for those in need prior to Thanksgiving Day. Whereas, last 2014 he began his endeavor by giving out around 800 turkeys to the families of Southern California, according to the Associated Press.

This year, he almost doubled the figure!

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Snoop Dogg passed out around 1,500 turkeys for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 19, 2015. He also made himself available for his fans to take pictures with him and hug them.

“Snoop Dogg took pictures with over 800 people at the event,” Inglewood Mayor James Butts, who attended along with other city officials, told NBC 4 News.

“We had a tented area for seniors to sit in, and the first thing he did was go over to take pictures with everyone there.”

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According to him, he is looking forward to come back in the city yearly to give out more turkeys.

Snoop Dogg has been sensitive to the people’s need and his generosity apparently made such an impact to the families who now have not just food in their table but a turkey as well for the holiday.
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We all know that Turkeys are expensive and not every family in the United States can afford to buy it for the holiday, with around 20% of the American struggling to eat everyday. So basically, Snoop’s compassionate deeds will not in any way end the problem of hunger on holiday. But what he did gave the recipients of 1,500 turkeys the reason to lighten up on Thanksgiving. It really made a difference!

Check this video below and watch Snoop Dogg giving away Turkeys in Inglewood:

Source: Upworthy



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