Setareh Hosseini Creates These Cool Zodiac Signs Makeup Photos For Each Sign

serateh hossieni feat

How many times have you read the Horoscope hoping to see it’s gonna be a better day? Well, no need to do that anymore because makeup artist Setareh Hosseini just combined astrology and beauty together and it’s beautiful! Hosseini created a series of makeup photos for each Zodiac sign and it’s hard to decide which one is the best.

From fake horns to other accessories, Setareh who goes by the username starlit_makeup on Instagram with a current number of over 100K followers created this cool Zodiac series that exploded on social media across the internet. The Toronto based artist was blown away by how much attention this series got but honestly looking at the photos below, we are not surprised at all. They are amazing!

So browse through this gallery of Setareh Hosseini Zodiac signs makeup photos and tell us in the comments what’s your sign and how you like the makeup associated with it. More info: Instagram

Sagittarius – Don’t get shot in the chest

setareh hosseini zodiac signs makeup (1)


Taurus – Very cute!

setareh hosseini zodiac signs makeup 2 (1)

Leo – Wanna hear me roar?

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 3 (1)

Scorpio – mixing the hair with the makeup is a great idea

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 4 (1)

Gemini – I say black, you say white

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 5 (1)


Cancer – Are you a cancer?

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 6 (1)

Virgo – The green line on the eye, that’s what it’s all about

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 7 (1)

Libra – breathtaking, that wink though…

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 8 (1)

Aquarius – Exactly what i thought it will look like

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 9 (1)


Capricorn – Looks tough right? Don’t mess with Capricon

setareh hosseini zodiac makeup 10 (1)

Pisces – simple but gets the job done

setareh hosseini zodiac signs makeup 11 (1)

Aries – with the addition of the fake horns is a nice touch

setareh hosseini zodiac signs makeup 12 (1)

Let’s share this awesome work by Setareh Hosseini to encourage her to keep going.