Santa Using Sign Language To Ask Girl What She Wants For Christmas


The heartening scenario of a deaf little girl talking to Santa Claus about her wish for Christmas by using sign language has gone viral when uploaded to YouTube on November 5 by a bystander who captured this precious moment in Middlesbrough Cleveland Centre. It has already acquired more than 1,600,000 views.

This very touching 40-second clip begins with the unnamed toddler who immediately went on to the grotto filled with so many gifts and sat unto Santa’s lap.

Santa Using Sign Language 2

In the short clip, the youngster’s mother is heard speaking to Santa: “Sorry, she can’t speak very well.” So St. Nicholas asked her mother if she is capable to understand and do sign language. Her mom replied, ” Yeah, she does animals and things like that”

Santa Using Sign Language 3

Santa gets the girl’s attention before using sign language to find out what she wants for Chrsitmas.

The scene was somehow literally adopted from the touching movie “Miracle on 34th street.
Santa and the adorable girl are just so happy while talking  in sign language

Santa sign language 5

The little girl gets even more excited to tell Santa her wish to find a scooter underneath the table.

Within just a few hours, this video has gone viral which also received praises and  commendation when it was posted in the Cleveland Centre Facebook page.

Santa Using Sign Language 7

Source: Dailymail