Residents Get to See Blue Skies As Beijing Bans 2.5 Million Vehicles


5 Million car owners were compelled to drive and ride their cars on alternating day in Beijing which started on the 20th of August until the 3rd of September where the 70th Anniversary of Japan’s WWII defeat was celebrated with a much-awaited military parade. Vehicle use were strictly prohibited while Factory production  had to reduce their emission so that the city’s polluted sky will turn out to be perfect blue on its special day. As a result, the air quality index has reached a level 17 out of 500 and was regarded a very good outcome worldwide

5 Million Cars were compelled to drive on alternating days in Beijing while Factory production had to reduce their emission for two weeks

blue skies in Beijing 1

Skycrapers and the tallest buildings in Beijing are hardly seen during the normal days

blue skies in Beijing 2

For 15 days, residents had this view, where they can spot every building in the distance that usually is covered with thick smog

blue skies in Beijing 3

During the 15-day restriction, the average PM( particular matter) level in Beijing has dropped to 73.2%. Much lower than the previous year

blue skies in Beijing 4

10,000 factories and 40,000 construction sites around the capital were temporarily suspended and restricted its operation during the period

blue skies in Beijing 5

Air quality index had measured the severity of air pollution in the city with 17 out of 500 which implies a relatively clean and healthy air

blue skies in Beijing 6

This perfect blue skies added beauty to the Great Wall when smog is eliminated

blue skies in Beijing 7

The picturesquely beautiful view from the top will give you satisfaction and relief

blue skies in Beijing 8

Source: Boredpanda