Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag Will Scare The Cold Away


If you love to go hiking and camp out with your friends and gaze the beautiful countless stars at night yet you don’t want to get mosquito bites and other unknown insect bites, a realistic bear sleeping bag will be your best solution to push through with your adventure. Thanks to Amsterdam artist Eiko Ishizawa who handcrafted and designed this limited edition of realistic  bear sleeping bag which was inspired from the 2006 incident in Southern Germany when the most famous fugitive bear named Bruno who was behaving improperly caused a disturbance and threat among the locals of the country.

Bruno was shot dead by Bavarian hunters fearing that it will cause a great havoc. This sleeping bag serves as a reminder of the bear who is somehow deprived of a life to roam around and hunt for its food. Ishizawa’s creation is indeed suitable for outdoor activities, especially for ladies who are not so used to sleep in tents. The warmth it gives will surely give someone a goodnight sleep in the middle of a cold and breezy moonless night.

Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag 1

bear sleeping bag 2

bear sleeping bag 3

bear sleeping bag 4

bear sleeping bag 5

bear sleeping bag 6

bear sleeping bag 7

Source: odditymail