Blind Mom Goes For a Rutine Ultrasound, Watch What Her Doctor Did And Get Ready To Cry


Study shows that people who are blind are much more sensitive than those who have a perfect eyesight. Due to their inability to see, their other senses are working more efficiently and accurately that they are able to see things beyond what we can see literally. Their degree of  sensitivity and perception over things they don’t normally see is greater than normal. This is why, little things for us, can become much bigger for them.

One great example is the painter John Bramblitt who never got the chance to see how his wife and son look like yet  he can paint lifelike portraits of them just by touching their faces! How amazing and inspiring!

The video that you are about to watch is about a blind mother who is getting ready and very expectant to deliver her baby boy in a few months. Tatiana who is 20 weeks pregnant completely lost her sight when she was only seventeen years old, simply imagines how her baby named Murilo looks like as the doctor describes how he has developed in her womb through the ultrasound scans. She even imagine her baby’s nose as a little potato.

Huggies then resolved to surprise Tatiana, with a special present. How she reacts on it is very touching. This will definitely make you cry even if you’ll watch it several times.

Source: littlethings