Adorable Rescue Pit Bulls Turns To Surrogate Moms To Three Blind Cats


Pit Bulls turns to Surrogate Moms 1

Real friendships knows no species. This sentence is especially true in the case of these cats and their new BFF pit bull.

The seven-year-old cat named Helen and his 10-week-old sibling kittens Bruce and Willis arrived into the Faithful Friends Society animal shelter with a serious eye condition

Pit Bulls turns to Surrogate Moms 2

Helen had a real bad case of glaucoma. Her eyes were bulging which caused her pain and it was also affecting her balance. Bruce and Willis eyes were ulcerated and infected.

To give them the best chance for a pain free life, the shelter in Wilmington, Delaware decided to remove the cats eyes, but sadly after the surgery, none of the cats reacted well to the new situation of living in the dark.

Sherry Stewart, a volunteer at Faithful Friends said ” Helen was so sweet but so distressed in her cat kennel, I knew I could at least give her a temporary place to call home where she could recover and learn how to transition to life without sight ” stewart not only foster Helen, but also Bruce and Willis because their complicated surgeries left them looking ” Just terrible compared to Helen ”

Pit Bulls Act As Surrogate Moms 3

Stewart already fosters two pit bulls she rescued over the years, Alfie and Frankie. Alfie who is grey with adorable pointy ears was found in 2012 locked in the shed and he almost starved to death. His poor physical condition caused him to be scheduled to be euthanized before Stewart took him in. ” I picked up Alfie and I put him in the back seat of my car with my daughter. He looked up at her, gave her a kiss and we knew he was ours.” Since this day Alfie has been paying it forward by being a certified therapy dog. Frankie’s over the top affection is also very beneficial when it comes to fostering animals says Stewart

Pit Bulls Turns To Surrogate Moms 4

This unique combination of the two pit bulls has helped to foster animals that came through Stewart’s house – especially in the case of Helen and Bruce and Willis.

” They kind of act like surrogate moms, They seemed to have sensed they need little extra TLC ” Since the three cats arrived to Stewart’s home, they are really thriving, thanks to the pup’s affection.

Check out the picture below of Bruce napping on Alfie’s back to understand how much they help him

Pit Bulls Turns To Surrogate Moms 5

Willis was the more shy and reserved at the beginning, now he really came out of his shell. ” He doesn’t act distressed and doesn’t have any trouble finding things, he can jump into my bed now ”

Pit Bulls turns to Surrogate Moms 6

Helen was the best to transition out of the three, she can climb stairs and understand where things are. Her recovery can be thanked in part to Stewart’s dogs, but it should also be noted that she really thrived and bonded with another foster cat named Hubbell.

” Helen was nervous with him at first, but he was persistent and finally won her over. they would eat, play and take naps together. In a short period of time, they really formed a very special relationship”

Pit Bulls turns to Surrogate Moms 7

Hubbell was lucky enough to get adopted, but Helen, Bruce and Wills are still looking for loving homes. If any of you are interested please check out Faithful Friends for adoption details. But keep in mind that because of the traumatic experiences these brothers Bruce and Willis have endured, they will need to be adopted as a pair.

Source: Huffingtonpost