People Born In The Late 70s Or Early 80s Finally Have a Name. Meet The Xennial Generation


Everybody’s talking about the Millennials now, but nobody says anything about the Xennials. Do you know about them? Let us tell you! Actually, you might be one without even knowing it. Xennials are born between 1977 and 1985. Of course, we’ve first got the Lost Generation or The Generation of 1914, born in the First World War. Then, we’ve got The Interbellum Generation. After that, we’ve got the Silent Generation going up to 1945, the end of the second World War. Then, we moved on to Baby Boomer Generation and the Generation X (Baby bust) whose cynicism was portrayed in films like “Singles” or “Reality Bites”.

Now, let’s get back to Xennials. They’re born in the late 70s and early 80s and are characterized by an analog childhood and a digital adulthood. Xennials didn’t grow into adulthood with all the digital conveniences that Millennials did, so they represent, now, a sort of bank of memories from where Millennials can get their idea of a world without Facebook or smartphones or so on.

Xilennials can Snapchat and Tweet and use Facebook comfortably, but they can also adapt to a life without that much technology since they grew up like that.

The concept of Xennials was first introduced in 2014, in an article written by Sarah Stankorb for Good Magazine. This is a sort of lucky generation that missed out on some of the misfortunes of the generations before and after it.

“We landed in a fleeting sweet spot before the Recession that plagued Millennials’ launch. Yet we were still young enough that when the market crashed, we hadn’t yet invested much and didn’t lose as many homes or as much in retirement savings, unlike many Gen Xers”,

says Sarah Stankorb in her article for Good Magazine.

Xennials have a little bit of both worlds, they are not as cynical as the Generation X, but they are wise enough to see behind Instagram’s filters of perfection. Now, you can use the infographic below created by Mymodernmet and see if you really are a Xennial. Are you curious?

xennial generation 2 (1)

Via: mymodernmet


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