Naked Prosthetics Fingers Offer Near Perfect Functionality And Help People Gain Back Their Lives

3D printing technology is finding its purpose in all sorts of fields and one of them is medical prosthetics. Thanks to it, today imputation of a part of the body, like in this case a finger, not necessary means limitations of life abilities. Even further, thanks to startups such as Naked Prosthetics, now misfortune of losing a finger can be turned into a personal style statement, which is just a plus over incredible functionality of their 3D printed medical device.

This trend of turning prosthetics into cool accessories is not new, it’s trending for years now, and it’s definitely one of the most positive trends of our times. The founder of Naked Prosthetics is an amputee himself. Collin Macduff lost his finger and became motivated to create something that will improve his life in every way.

He founded the Naked Prosthetics in 2012 with headquarters in Washington and started improving his life and lives of other people with a similar problem with outstanding products in the field of prosthetics. His team designs and 3D prints highly functional prosthetics that are powered by the individual’s body.

Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger by Naked Prosthetics

Naked Prosthetics fingers 1 (1)

“As a disabled Vet, I utilised my unique skill set to imagine and realize a solution to my own finger injury. As my invention came to fruition, my wife Becky and I began to create this company. We were motivated by the goal of enabling others who have sustained finger and digit amputations to restore their work and personal lives to normal,” states Macduff on his site.

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“With a simple and elegant design, our bio-mechanical prosthetic finger (BPF) helps to restore length, dexterity, and grip strength to a digit amputation…A Naked Prosthetics BPF eases the transition into everyday life after an amputation,”

Naked Prosthetics fingers 3 (1)

With a Naked Prosthetic, you can get back to typing, gardening, and enjoy the most basic things that involve gripping tools.

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The process of getting a customised 3D printed prosthetics is simple and easy and all an amputee needs to do is to get used to a new prosthetics like when using any other new tool.

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Naked Prosthetics fingers 6 (1)

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