Meet Xnspy, The Android Spying App That Has Revolutionized Digital Monitoring

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It is difficult to get a realistic grasp of the word ‘spying’ as it has a widespread meaning. Spying techniques have previously been used by military and intelligence agencies to ensure territorial security of a country. People have been spying on their spouses whenever they sniff treason. Though it is used as a negative connotation, spying often serves an innocent purpose; to safeguard personal interests and those of your loved ones.

Today, digital monitoring or tracking is the latest trend. No matter how intrusive it is, it can help you maintain work-life balance. Proliferation of tech gadgets has made digital spying much easier. It has emerged as a ubiquitous force, making it easier for you to spy. Remote spying is in rage these days that can help you access target information in an intuitive style.

Whether you are a concerned parent, a protective spouse, or zealous boss, a spy app can help you track every movement of the target and make an informed decision about him. Here’s a detailed review of an ingenious Xnspy android spying app that is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum. 

Xnspy – The First Look

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Tech devices have influenced our cultural landscape. With cyber espionage all around you, it is more than necessary to keep you safe. Xnspy is a digital monitoring software that is designed to work in stealth mode. Offering a powerful yet intuitive user interface, it is best used by less savvy people. It aims to monitor and report activities undetectably. Running quietly in the background of the target phone, it offers covert monitoring features, so your target will never determine he’s being spied on. This discreetness is often linked with remote functionality. So you don’t have to snoop into your target phone whenever you get the opportunity. Simply install the spy app to being monitoring.

Xnspy does a commendable job at remote and permission-less spying. All the data from the target phone is transferred to the user device where it can be monitored through online console. This console is a web-based control panel that provides all the updates about the target activities.


Installation and compatibility

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Since it monitors the target without any interference, Xnspy is popular in the monitoring arena. Getting started with an app, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the target phone. Xnspy works well with all android and iOS devices. It is a cinch to install and requires about 3-5 minutes to get it running. Unlike other spy apps, there are no lengthy processes or configuration codes required by Xnspy. You only need to select the right subscription package and create an online account. Rest is easy.

Being an android spying app, Xnspy requires physical installation in the device it is being installed. Unlike iPhones, this is a mandatory step whether your target phone is rooted or non-rooted. To be fair, this is true of every android monitoring software. Do note that not all features are available for non-rooted android device. The lack of free trial further exacerbates the situation. 

Key features of Xnspy

A handy tool, Xnspy offers state-of-the-art features to the potential users. With a user-friendly menu that offers a range of features, this monitoring software is convenient for usage. 

  • Monitoring call logs

The entire record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls is available for the users to view. Apart from monitoring the frequency of calls, they can also find out the name of the caller, his contact number, date and time stamp of call, and call duration. Contact list can also be seen.

  • Reading texts and chats

It is easier to read text messages but messaging apps like WhatsApp have encrypted messages that cannot be monitored without a powerful monitoring tool. Thanks to Xnspy, you can read not only the text messages but also message conversation on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc. Along with the content, multimedia files exchanged between the target and his contacts can also be viewed.

  • Location tracking

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You can now learn the whereabouts of your target through GPS tracking in smartphones. The exact location of the target can be known at a specific time. You can also browse their entire location history for a day. Moreover, through geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade for your target.

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  • Remote commands

You can remotely command the control panel of the spy app to wipe data from target phone, lock the phone screen, block certain apps, or take live screenshots of the phone. This is also helpful in case the target phone gets stolen.

Some distinctive features of Xnspy

Here are some add-ons offered by Xnspy that makes it unique and distinctive among the plethora of spying apps.

  • Call and surrounding recording

You can automatically record all the phone calls to listen to them later. Apart from phonic conversations, you can also listen to the in-room conversations taking place near your target through surrounding recordings.

  • Watch-list alerts

You can watch-list call logs to find out about frequency of unsaved numbers. Also, you can watch-list messages to determine a specific topic of conversation. Watch-listing location can help you learn about any unauthorized place visited by your target.

Pricing details

This is by far the most budgeted app I have encountered. Since, the pricing has a great impact on a product’s value, in case of Xnspy, the app is receiving a lot of positive reviews. It offers affordable pricing with two packages; Basic and Premium. The basic package costs $8.33 per month while the premium package costs $12.49 per month. Payment is made on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Leading in the monitoring competition, Xnspy offers the best value for your money. However, it has stringent refund policies so the users are often denied refunds based on their erroneous expectations. 

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The bottom line is, in order to get the facts right, you require a surveillance app that can help you figure out about your target. Xnspy seems a decent option as it holds a promising and optimistic future. With its extensive range of features; pricing flexibility; and improved customer support, it has unlimited potential to be the best spy app.