Lord Of The Rings Sorcery Got a Texas kid Suspended From School


Kermit Elementary school officials just suspended a 9 year old kid named Aiden Steward for bringing his ” One ring ” to school . The boy had recently watched ” The Hobbit : The Battle of Five Armies ” with his father and was obviously inspired by it . This led him to play make believe and tell his classmates , he had the one ring to rule them all and he can make them disappear 

suspended for having the one ring


The school officials were not entertained and considered Aiden words as threats and immediately suspended him , the boy’s father , Jason Steward said ” It sounded unbelievable ” and insists his son ” didn’t mean anything by it ” ” Kids act out movies that they see . When i watched Superman as a kid , I went outside and tried to fly ” Steward said 

suspended for having the one ring


The incident that led to Aiden suspension was when he claimed he could put a ring on his friend’s head and make him invisible , just like Baggins in ” The Lord of the Rings “. ” I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence ” the boy’s father wrote in an email , ” if he did. I’m sure he’d bring him right back ”  The school officials declined to comment on the incident with the excuses of confidentiality policies 

suspended for having the one ring


We guess the one thing you can’t learn in Kermit elementary school is how to have a sense of humor 

suspended for having the one ring


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