When Everyone Told Her Not To Wear a Bikini Because She’s Too Fat, This Is Her Epic Response!


Meet Loey Lane, a college student, animal lover, army wife and a popular beauty blogger. Loey publishes videos on her YouTube channel LoeyLane about beauty tips and makeup or fashion and always get lots of comments from her followers and random people who stumbled on her content. You might say the comments range from supportive to just plain cruel. But Loey being an awesome person as she is decided to deal with her haters head on so she created a video titled ” Whi fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis ” ( featured below ). The main message Loey is trying to convey is that you should believe in yourself, love your body and love life. Life is far too short to always worry about what others think. Live your own life

loey lane epic response to body shaming 1

Check out Loey’s awesome response video to her haters and help spread her message!

Source: Higher perspective