31 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Pictures That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable But You Can’t Look Away Right?

plastic surgery gone wrong feat

Some people just try and cheat death or old age by going under the knife to make them look younger, most of the time, the results are not that great, these plastic surgery gone wrong examples will prove this statement i promise you.

But please don’t confuse our humor with people who actually do plastic surgery because they need to. Not all surgeries are cosmetic, some actually fix problems caused by accidents so sometimes it’s important. But let’s not get off track, these hilarious plastic surgery fails are reason enough to not try and beat old age, rather embrace it.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein – she spent more than 2 million pounds and her case is one of the worst plastic surgery gone wrong examples on this list

plastic surgery gone wrong (1) plastic surgery gone wrong 3


2. Anna Nicole Smith, surgery fail for sure

plastic surgery gone wrong 2 plastic surgery gone wrong 2 (1)

3. Unknown woman, but she clearly got robbed by her doctor

plastic surgery gone wrong 1

4. Orit Fux – from good to bad, she was good looking when she was young

plastic surgery gone wrong 4

5. Irma Serrano – what happened there?

plastic surgery gone wrong 5 plastic surgery bad results 3


6. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff – they looked so good

plastic surgery bad results 5 (1)

plastic surgery bad results 6

7. My 5-year-old son can draw better eyebrows than this

plastic surgery bad results 7

8. Take my money – just don’t hurt me

plastic surgery bad results 8

9. Carrot Top – is that a real person?

plastic surgery gone wrong 9 plastic surgery bad results 6 (1)


10. Donatella Versace – before and after surgeries 

plastic surgery bad results 7 (1)

11. I don’t know where to begin – Joan Van Ark

plastic surgery bad results 8 (1)

12. NO! Not you again!

plastic surgery bad results 12

13. What’s the point of doing plastic surgery and then hiding it with makeup Wayne Newton

plastic surgery bad results 9 (1)


14. Lord have mercy on Pete Burns

plastic surgery gone wrong 14 plastic surgery bad results 10 (1)

15. We found proof of aliens!@# Not sure who this is

plastic surgery bad results 15

16. This whole thing right here, is just bad, bad I tell you

plastic surgery bad results 16

17. Take it away! Don’t know who is she

plastic surgery bad results 17

18. Jackie Stallone used to look fine

plastic surgery gone wrong 18 plastic surgery fails 11 (1)


19. Why do I keep looking at these?!

plastic surgery fails 19

20. Look, there’s a little face coming out of her lips – D’arcy Wretzky is another example of plastic surgery gone wrong and we had to share it.

plastic surgery fails 20

21. Oh crap! She spotted me, let’s go

plastic surgery fails 21

22. You don’t look like a barbie, snap out of it!

plastic surgery fails 22

23. We already saw you before, why are you doing this?!!?

plastic surgery fails 23

24. I think I’m going to pass out this is not fair

plastic surgery fails 24

25. Help me Tom Cruise! This is not a human

plastic surgery fails 25

26. It has blinded me blind

plastic surgery fails 26

27. Fab or drab? drab for sure

plastic surgery fails 27

28. Jigsaw? The worst plastic surgery result i’ve seen

plastic surgery fails 28

29. Something is just way off here

plastic surgery gone wrong 29

30. You went from OK looking man to OMG what is wrong with you man

plastic surgery gone wrong 30

31. Annnnddd, let’s put those sunglasses back on

plastic surgery gone wrong 31

What do you say? Sharing these plastic surgery gone wrong pictures will make one of your friends laugh i’m sure

Source: Imgur