38 Whiskey River Soaps For Any Occasion Or Person


Whiskey River Soaps make you smell like all of your bad decisions. It’s the next best thing to bathing in a pool of liquor. I’m not sure why anyone would want to go around smelling like whatever they were drinking last night. At least now even if you didn’t actually shower you can blame it on this awesome new soap.

But they don’t just do soaps for drunkies, they have a ton of options to choose from. For example, they have one called Soap to Help Prevent Selfies. I’d use that every day if it would keep people around me from taking dumb selfies.

According to thefunkybubble.com Whiskey River Soaps was founded ” more than fourteen million years ago in the outskirts of Ancient Rome by a ragtag group of freelance gladiators, stray dogs and out-of-work magicians.” They had me at ‘stray dogs.’

Leave your thoughts in the comments section. I’d love to know which one of these soaps is most popular.

1: Whiskey River Soaps for boozers – smells like your breath

whiskey river soaps (1)


2: Soap for stoners – smells like Colorado

whiskey river soaps 2 (1)

3: Soap for the slightly unhinged – smells like unpredictable behavior

river soaps 3 (1)

4: Soap for karma – Smells like HaHaHA

river soaps 4 (1)

5: Soap for morning people – smells like a hell no

whiskey river soaps 5 (1)


6: Soap for the middle child – smells like nothing basically

whiskey river soaps 6 (1)

7: Soap for no regrets – smells like a bad tattoo

whiskey river soaps 7 (1)

8: Soap for hoarders – smells like garbage & goo

whiskey river soaps 8 (1)

9: Soap for dead end jobs – smells like a polyester uniform

whiskey river soaps 9 (1)


10: Soap for pity parties – smells like scented with country music

whiskey river soaps 10 (1)

11: Soap for #blessed people – smells like extra specialness

whiskey river soaps 11 (1)

12: Soap for Queens – smells like major drama

whiskey river soaps 12 (1)

13: Soap for it’s only frickin Tuesday – smells like slowly dying

whiskey river soaps 13 (1)


14: Soap for Okay moms – smells like truth

whiskey river soaps 14 (1)

15: Soap for under achievers – smells like mediocrity

whiskey river soaps 15 (1)

16: Soap for frenemies – smells like backhanded compliments

whiskey river soaps 16 (1)

17: Soap for stalkers – smells like the willies

whiskey river soaps 17 (1)

18: Soap for awkward moments – smells like your entire life

whiskey soaps 18 (1)


19: Soap for introverts – smells like nothing

whiskey soaps 19 (1)

20: Soap for debbie downers – smells like rampant pessimism

whiskey soaps 20 (1)

21: Soap for gray areas – smells like ambiguity

whiskey soaps 21 (1)

22: Soap for white guys – smells like old money & nostalgia

whiskey soaps 22 (1)

23: Soap for selfies – smells like eye-rolling & general derision

whiskey soaps 23 (1)

24: Soap for a man’s man – smells like Alaska

whiskey soaps 24 (1)

25: Soap for geeks – smells like Wifi

whiskey soaps 25 (1)

26: Soap for emojis – smells like the decline of an entire species

whiskey river soaps 26 (1)

27: Soap for in-law dinners – smells like you’ll never be good enough

whiskey river soaps 27 (1)

28: Soap for yuge mistakes – smells like a come-over


river soaps 28 (1)

29: Soap for upcycled garbage – smells like an etsy store

river soaps 29 (1)

30: Soap for smug people – smells like an 8-dollar coffee

river soaps 30 (1)

31: Soap for weird teachers – smells like odd mannerisms and orange corduroy

river soaps 31 (1)

32: Soap for wedded bliss – smells like two, three years tops

river soaps 32 (1)

33: Soap for online dating – smells like a 10-year-old picture

river soaps 33 (1)

34: Soap for OCD – smells like obsessive behavior

river soaps 34 (1)

35: Soap for office gossip – smells like a scandal

river soaps 35 (1)

36: Soap for creepy uncles – smells like fresh moustache scent

river soaps 36 (1)

37: Soap for formally employed – smells like day time & tv and beer

river soaps 37 (1)

38: Whiskey River Soaps for the neighbors – smells like a wide berth

whiskey river soaps 38 (1)

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