Interviews With Serial Killers That Will Chill Your Bones


What goes inside the mind of a serial killer? this subject has been studied for years in hopes to figure out what is the mindset of a killer to maybe be able to stop killers before they act. But the reality is that our mind is so complexed that it’s almost impossible to predict these things, watch the interviews below with famous serial killers and see if you can pick up something

Ted Bundy – View the interview here

Watching Ted Bundy talk, it’s hard to see the killer that he is, he looks like a nice guy that just went down a wrong path, but every now and then, you can see his true face

interviews with serial killers 1


Dennis Rader – Here is the interview

This guy just loved to kill people, when you talk about no remorse, you need to see this guy, getting caught was part of his fantasy

interviews with serial killers 2

Arthur Shawcross – watch the interview here

Everyone in this world is just an annoying monkey to Arthur, you can actually see and hear it in the interview by the way he talks

interviews with serial killers 3

Richard Cottingham – watch the full interview here

This is a rather interesting interview where you can see from the interviewer perspective that Richard is liking her

interviews with serial killers 4

Jeffery Dahmer – watch the interview

If there were places where you can just pay to have sex with bodies, Jeffery would probably won’t kill anyone. Well, some people think so anyway, it may only be his famous psychopathic charisma that fools you

interviews with serial killers 5


Edmund Kemper – watch the interview here

There are so many things that go on inside this guy’s head it’s hard to keep track, the only consistent thing is that he blames his victims for his crimes

interviews with serial killers 6

Richard Kuklinski – watch his interview

This guy is more interested in the results of his crimes than the crimes themselves

interviews with serial killers 7

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