Inspirational Quotes As Comics That Will Really Get You Going


The guys at Rational Comics have done it again people. They don’t just want to tell you the best mindset you need to succeed, they want to show you!

” I believe stories and comics are a powerful medium, I have seen how comics can educate and entertain people at the same time. So why not comics that talk about business, entrepreneurship and success? I want to make a place where people can learn about these topics in an engaging way. That’s the goal for Rational Comics ” Joshua Sim – creator


1: Belief triggers the power to do – David J. Schwartz

attitude for success 1

2: Opportunity is missed by most people…

attitude for success 2

3: You only live once – screw it, let’s do it! – Richard Branson

attitude for success 3

4: Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box

attitude for success 4


5: Just be you, and be OK with it

attitude for success 5

6: What you are chasing after might not be what you seek

attitude for success 6

7: There is always a way!

attitude for success 7

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