I’m Feeling Curious From Google Is The Best Waste Time App On The Internet

There are endless possibilities to learn new things with Google. You can find just about any information you want on there. And it has a lot of cool features. Their newest feature is tailor made for people who just like to learn things, like myself, and it’s I’m feeling curious.

Does a question ever just pop into your head? Like you’re curious about something for no reason? If so, just go to Google and type “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” and Google will give you what you’re looking for. Usually from Wikipedia but could possibly be from more sources in the future.

As your curiosity builds, just keep clicking “ask another question” and you’ll stay busy for hours. Learning is fun when you actually want to learn and make the effort to seek out the answers yourself.

Take a look at some of these facts and answers to life’s questions. Thank you, Google, for making learning so much easier. Especially for those of us who hate having to sift through unreliable sources to have our questions answered. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Elephant’s gestation period is 22 months, can you imagine? This is just the first example of the I’m feeling curious feature

i'm feeling curious (1)

Never knew that White Castle was a pioneer in the food business

i'm feeling curious 2 (1)

Did you know that a lobster with no claws is called a pistol?

you're feeling curious 3 (1)

The largest tree in the world is actually located in the United States, who knew

you're feeling curious 4 (1)

Wanna play some golf on the moon? Sounds awesome!

you're feeling curious 5 (1)

Frogs can hear both above and underwater

you're feeling curious 6 (1)

I’m curious why is The Big Ben called The Big Ben?

you're feeling curious 7 (1)

Russia and the US are closer than you think

you're feeling curious 8 (1)

Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867

you're feeling curious 9 (1)

The Horseradish is actually a German word Meerrettich ( sea radish )

you're feeling curious 10 (1)

Not everyone signed the declaration of independence

you're feeling curious 11 (1)

Mexico has 31 states, i never even knew they had states

you're feeling curious 12 (1)

I’m feeling curious as to why a bobby pin is called that

i'm feeling curious 13 (1)

An IQ of 275 is a new type of smart, it’s robot smart

i'm feeling curious 14 (1)

The new feature from Google makes us all feel curious suddenly, please share with us if you tried it and liked it.

Source: Business Insider



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