This Guy Created Sassy Period Panties That Every Girl Needs


This story all begins with a man and his girlfriend discussing why she can’t have sex with him because she’s on her period. He decided she shouldn’t have to suffer through that time without having any fun. And, so the Period Panties were created.

Anthony Hall is the man behind this cool brand of period panties

Sassy Period Panties 1


His company is Harebrained Inc. He created a kickstarter campaign with a goal of a meager $10,000.

Sassy Period Panties 2

The company soared high above this goal and has reached an incredible $162,878. 

harebrained Period panties 3

Take a look at some of the period panties designs below, and if you would like to take part in this campaign, you can sign up here.

harebrained Period panties 4

” Half of the world has menstruates, so why not have some fun with it? “

harebrained Period panties 5


The idea came to him after his girlfriend was sick to explain every month why they can’t have sex

harebrained Period panties 6

Each design of the sassy period panties comes with a sassy punch line like ” Wonder Wombean ” and more

harebrained Period underwear 7

Musicians and comedians love these panties and say they look pretty cool

harebrained Period pants 8

The original goal was to raise only $10,000 but quickly the campaign raised 10x that amount

harebrained Period pants 9


The general public pretty much love this idea and would like to wear one of these panties

harebrained Period pants 10

Welcome to camp blood is just another clever line you can find 

harebrained Period pants 11

Surfing the Crimson Wave, do you dare?

Sassy Period Panties 12

Crime Scene, please do not cross the yellow line, for your own safety 

Sassy Period Panties 13

Don’t forget to share this cool idea with your friends, or maybe just your female friends, because the half of the world who needs it may love it. 

Source: Perezhilton | Buzzfeed



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