Most Popular Childhood Crushes We All Loved As Kids

Remember Saved by The Bell? I used to love that show, especially when Kelly Kapowski would show up with her stylish looks and attitude. Those were the days, coming back from school spending all my afternoon and nights watching my favorite TV shows and childhood crushes: Kelly Bundy, Pink Power Ranger girl, Party of Five, so much fun.

You have to understand, before the internet and mobile phones, TV was the only good source to see some babes, and every kid loved them i guarantee it! Check out the gallery below of some of the most popular childhood crushes we all likes to see on TV as kids, or even put their posters on our walls, don’t act like you didn’t do it, you did it, you definitely did it. Don’t forget to share with us which one was your favorite so we all know who’s the ultimate babe

1. The ultimate childhood crush – Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy

childhood crushes 2

2. Keri Russell from Malibu Shore as Chloe Walker

childhood crushes 3

3. My favorite on the Childhood Crushes list, who can forget Julia Salinger from Party of five played by Neve Campbell

childhood babes 4

4. From the hit show Beverly Hills 90210, Antonia Marchette played by Rebecca Gayheart

childhood babes 5

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt was and will always be a babe!

childhood babes 6

6. Britney Spears won everyone over from the early age of 16

childhood babes 7

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar famous for her buffy series is a sure crush

childhood babes 8

8. Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence from Boy meets world

childhood babes 9

9. Alicia Silverstone from Clueless was my childhood crush for years.

childhood babes 10

10. Amy Jo Johnson playing Kimberly Hart as the pink Power Ranger.

childhood babes 11

11. Cameron Diaz from the Mask was in my dreams

childhood crushes 12

12. Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell is the ultimate babe!

childhood babes 13

13. Jennifer Connelly from Career Opportunities

childhood crushes

Please share this list of childhood crushes and tell us which one was your favorite crush


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