Emotional Haka Wedding Dance Shows Tradition And Respect In The Most Beautiful Way


One of  the most memorable moments in the lives of a husband and wife is their wedding day where all the special people in their lives are present to witness the two becoming one. Tears of joy and excitement comes with it whenever each one of the closest guests do something special for the newlyweds.

haka wedding dance 2

This is exactly what happened on Aaliyah and Benjamin Armstrong’s wedding when the groomsmen and other guests made a surprise dance performance for the couple that powerfully recalls tradition and strong culture. This emotional routine is known as the Tika Tonu that is a kind of Haka dance that is generally a traditional war dance created by the indigenous people of New Zealand called Maori. Tika Tonu is also used to express peace and to celebrate special events such as weddings.

As the wedding party began, the performers dance in honor to the family and best man of the groom. They performed with their full emotion into it. Aaliyah cried as well when she saw that even the bridesmaids joined and danced with the men. The couple then also decided to join and dance in respect to their loved ones.

The entire performance  has become wonderfully successful as it expressed the genuine love and serenity between the two people.

haka wedding dance 3

haka wedding dance 4

Source: MyModernMet