Watch Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Brutally Roast Each Other On The Playground Insults Show

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart traded insults for about 5 minutes and we’re on the floor. It all was live on BBC Radio 1. Be calm, they’re still friends, they just wanted to see who’s best at throwing insults on the stop.

The show is called Playground insults and the idea is simple. You get two celebrities with a good sense of humor, you sit them down together in front of each other in a dark room with a camera, and they just start throwing insults at each other until one of them cracks up and gives up. Anything goes, nothing is out of limits, the only rule? You have to take things with humor and not personally. Would you make it through this game?

Sick game, right? Nobody got hurt, though! The main themes were their physical appearances, bad breath and…well, check out the video below. Hart tells Dwayne that he has a nipple head and Dwayne sends Hart to dig himself into a hole. Being sad that his breath smells like shit, the former wrestler defends himself by saying: “My breath is not shit. Look at this teeth”. He does, indeed, have some good, white teeth, but who knows what’s hiding underneath there? Just kidding.

Seeing that he’s so good at throwing insults and taking into consideration that a few days ago he said on Ellen that he’s considering running for president, who knows what the future has in store for us? No, just joking. Dwayne and Hart are such nice guys and we loved their little insult battle.

The two are on tour for promoting their new film,  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and we love it: the tour, we have yet to see the movie.  But ’till then, let’s see their little insult battle! Are you ready?


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