Dad And Daughter Recording Their Version Of Little Mermaid ‘Part of Your World’


Daddy and daughter relationship is one of a kind and amazing. It’s clear to so that there’s a special bond between these two. They enjoy doing anything together.

In this heartwarming video a very cute little girl, named Claire sings the ‘Part Of Your World’ in her dazzlingly beautiful blue gown with her dad who helped her with everything to make it possible. The girl looked so relaxed and comfortable doing her thing while her dad is recording every single moment of this experience.

Claire, at her very young age is seem to be a professional singer for she loves to dance, sing, and record her own music with her dad. With Little Mermaid as one of her favorites, she completely enjoyed singing this song. Aside from doing a recording with her dad, she also enjoys portraying a disney princess and watch movies. In all her activities, her dad is always with her supporting and giving her moral support, which apparently caused her to be confident doing a recording of her own version of Little Mermaid song.

Watch this video and prepare yourself for the feels

Source: Faithtap



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