24 Animal Cosplay Pictures That Prove Pets Are Better At This Than Humans

costume 1

So animal cosplay has been a huge trend in recent years. People love dressing up their pets in costumes that maybe they just fear to dress themselves, or maybe they just think their pets will pull it off better, in most cases, they are right and these pictures prove it.

Cats, dogs, and other pets are adorable in their own special way. They can make people happy with their cuteness. But if they wear costumes for cosplaying? That is an absolute overload of happiness.

Below are photos of animal cosplay which is basically just pets wearing costumes of your favorite characters in popular movies. They seem to be uneasy but they behaved very well with their costumes on.

I must admit that I am impressed with the owners who managed to tame these furry animals and let them wear these costumes. I would like to think that they are well rewarded for wearing their cosplaying outfits.

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Scroll down and enjoy these animal cosplay pets in their most dramatic gestures!

Animal cosplay as Batman and Joker. Very nice!

Animal Cosplay 1

Superman and Batman sidekick. Robin

Animal Cosplay 2

Not sure what this animal cosplay is supposed to be

animal cosplay 3

The slot machine from the movie BIG and Little Red Riding Hood and wolf

animal cosplay 4

Harry Potter cosplay on point

animal cosplay 5

I used to love Freddy Krueger movies

animal cosplay 6

Princess Lea from Star Wars

costume 7

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

animal cosplay 8

Wonder Woman and Darth Vader

costume 9

Star Wars is a repeating theme here

costume 10

This is such a creative pet cosplay I think it’s my favorite

animal cosplay 11

Lea again and a small dog wearing a cape

costume 12

Winter is coming

costume 13

Chewbacca and an actual cat woman

animal cosplay 15

Superman not looking so happy about this

costume 16

So many people love Star Wars it’s no surprise a lot of the pet cosplay pictures here are on this theme

Animal Cosplay 17

Gandalf the grey

Animal Cosplay 18
Let’s spread these animal cosplay images with our community so that others may enjoy. What’s your idea for this year?


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