These Cool USB Mixtapes Will Win Over Your Loved One, 80’s Style

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Meet the USB mixtape designed by Sydney-based designer Tiffany Roddis. She has presented a part of the 1980s’ USB mixtape that stores and mixes different kinds of music and combines it with the modern technology gadget, USB stick by compiling musics and favorite tunes in a nostalgic cassette tape. Both worlds meet at the same time in this newest and cool product with an 8Gb memory capacity not just for music but for other files as well.

This USB mixtape also has a personal message written on it for those who are planning to give it as a gift to a special someone. Downloading tunes and streaming online might be the latest methods to acquire the songs that you love and cassette may be obsolete, but the mixtape was born to retain the memory it carries. Simply visit  Roddis’ Etsy store, Wild Card, to get yourself a USB mixtape.

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Cool USB Mixtape is a combination of modern tech with vintage look and feel

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You can write your own custom text on the label of the tape, making it more personal

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These will make the perfect gift for a retro lover but also to anyone just looking for a cool gadget

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It has 8GB of storage, more than enough to store all your favorite songs

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Even the package comes with the look and feel we had back in the good old 80’s

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Don’t hesitate and get this cool gadget to your loved one, and please also share with your friends

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