Cool Movie Theater In Slovakia Offers Snuggling Beanbags As Seats And Colorful Design


Movie theater seats have never been the most comfortable. Even though you sit there for two to three hours, depending on the movie. There is no way those seats were made for long periods of sitting.

“Tulikino” which translates to “Snuggling Cinema” in Slovak, is a 100 seat cool movie theater designed to make going to the movies way more comfortable. Tulikino has the classic tiered seating of a cinema but with beanbag chairs instead of regular cinema chairs. There’s also a vibrant splash of color to make the theater seem much less drab and dull. All theaters should be like this. Going to most movie theaters feels too much like work. You can’t wait to see the movie but you also can’t wait to leave and get away from those awful seats.

Take a look at the pictures of this new theater design. We’d all be more excited to see a movie on the big screen if we had seating like this. More info:

Instead of the regular seats this cool movie theater has beanbags to snuggle

cool movie theater 2 (1)


It has 100 seats and lots of color to break the boring design of a movie theater

cool movie theater 3 (1)

It is called ” Tulikino ” Which is snuggling cinema in Slovak

cool movie theater 4 (1)

The cinema was designed by Michal Stasko

cool movie theater 5 (1)

You see there are dividers every two seats to give you a little bit more privacy with your date

cool movie theater 6 (1)


Overall i think it looks great and would be a cool experience to watch a movie like this

cool movie theater 7 (1)

Source: designboom



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