Clever World Song Map Changes The Names Of Every City Or Country In The World With Over 1,000 Famous Songs

The creative house Dorothy has created a new and interesting design. They had previously made a London song map and now they’ve taken it a step further to a World song map.
Each continent, country, city, river, ocean and landmark is renamed with the title of a popular song. If you’re planning on traveling the world, you’re going to want to use this map as a guide for making a travel playlist. The map is modeled after a 1950s wall map. It has a list of all of the songs from A to Z. There are over 1,000 songs on the list. You can buy this map on Dorothy’s website in the classic design for $35 and the special edition for $44.
Take a look at the World Song Map and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Every country or city and landmark is renamed with a popular song name on this world song map

world song map (1)

USA has been changed to the famous Born in the USA song by The Boss Bruce Springsteen

world song map 2 (1)

Spain has turned into Sketches of Spain and Spanish Moon

world song map 3 (1)

Russia? Nope! Back in the USSR is a more appropriate name on this song map

world song map 4 (1)

Holiday in Cambodia and Hong Kong Garden, or Princess of China are just a few of the examples of the far east

world song map 5 (1)

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