Church Builds Mobile Clothing Pantry, Delivers Winter Clothes To The Homeless


This winter has been tame up until now. The cold came in quick and took over the temperatures. The cold is bitter and it’s sharp. And when you’re homeless, that’s dangerous.

Thankfully there are shelters that help out and can take in the homeless, but unfortunately they cannot hold them all. This is where a local church steps in and helps out.

True Bethel Baptist Church is located in Buffalo, New York. They have taken it upon themselves to help hand out winter gear to New York’s homeless. They converted a bus of theirs into a mobile clothing pantry, which they have a stationery one of near their church. They were preparing the bus when the temperatures hit below freezing, and so they immediately took to the streets to start handing out winter gear. Pastor Darius Pridgen was among those in charge, and was the driver of the mobile pantry. Parishioners helped stock the mobile pantry, and then the crew was off. They hand out warm, woolly hats and gloves.

The church plans on handing out over $200,000 worth of winter protection this winter. This isn’t the first blessing this church has given, since over the summer they had a mobile food pantry and fed over 5,000 people.

These people are a true blessing, and if you see anyone out on the streets, don’t be afraid to hand out an extra hat or scarf or pair of gloves. We’re all human.

Source: Trueactivist



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