Netizens’ Hearts Are Captured By ‘Angel Nurse’ Who Breastfed Crying Infant During Operation


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It has become normal for people to watch and read terrifying and alarming news and stories around the world, and few of them only gotten their interest. While some have become immuned, others are just simply ignoring it. But there are stories that will totally capture your heart, and will make you realize, there are still good things that happen everyday and good people make them happen!

Here is a very heartwarming story of a nurse from China, who didn’t just go about her normal course of duty but went the extra mile and is now gaining praises and commendations from netizens who saw pictures of her selfless acts of goodness online. It has now gone viral since then.

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An infant patient from Shenzhen hospital who is a month old was crying very hard while undergoing a delicate surgery. The surgeon can’t hardly perform the operation properly with the baby moving anxiously so one of the nurse did what she thought is right. She took the baby and breastfed him while the surgeon and other medical staff are surrounding them.

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Based on Sina, Li Baoxia (nurse) didn’t have a second thought on helping the crying infant because she believes it is the right thing to do. After the baby was nursed, he peacefully laid down and slept on the nurse’s hands. The surgeons then went on and continued the surgery and were able to complete it. Everybody in that operating room have witnessed such a heartwarming experience.  

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Right after the surgery was successfully done, the father of the baby came to thank Li for her selfless act of kindness. “Thank you! You didn’t only treat my child, you also nursed him!” he said. “As a father, you have my endless gratitude. You are an angel nurse!”

Other inspiring miracle of medical story was about a dedicated dentist who captures the hearts of netizens by performing a difficult surgery on a 9-year-old in a kneeling position for 40 minutes. A week before that, photos of a doctor comforting his two-year-old patient as if she was his own daughter went viral online with netizens proclaiming him areal-life Baymax.

Miracles happen everyday! They sometimes happen in small packages but  will definitely inspire you and bring positive impact in your life as an individual.

Source: shanghaisst