Drawing a Face On Your Back Can Reveal Your Hidden Twin!

Photographic artist AnaHell, who made a name with her “my little phony” photographs, has done it again!  Her newest series, Secret Friends, feature models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors bent over with a face drawn on their backs.  The result is a friendly egg-shaped capricious character that can’t help but make you smile.

By using a few simple props and costumes the artist reveals a whole new insight to the human form.   These works of art are made even more impressive by her simplicity in lighting and use of everyday settings and poses to bring out the whimsical side of her otherworldly creations.  When you see her work you understand her proclaimed childlike fascination for the human body, and the absurd.

Her ability to take the things around her, living and inanimate alike, and deconstruct it to reveal a whole new perspective is a fresh delightful way to reexamine the human portrait. More of her impressive work can be found on her website: Annahell.com


bend over face 1

bend over face 2

bend over face 3

bend over face 4

bend over face 5

bend over face 6

bend over faces 7

bend over faces 8

bend over faces 9

bend over faces 10

bend over face 11

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