Watch Aladdin Flying On His Magic Carpet Through The Streets Of NYC

So if you’re not familiar by now or ever watched the crazy Youtube channel PrankvsPrank then you don’t know Jesse Wellens. Jesse is known for being a prankster and he likes to scare the living sh*t out of his girlfriend Jeana Smith ( she also pranks him back, it’s kinda their thing )

But for this halloween Jesse decided to pull a little prank on NYC by creating a real life ” flying carpet ” from the movie Aladdin. He called his good friend and filmmaker Casey Neistat and together they created an awesome clip that instantly went viral ever since they uploaded it to Youtube on Friday

In the video you can see Jesse free-flying through the streets of Manhattan ( which is a miracle by itself ) and he waves to people and some are even shocked by the very real magic carpet they pulled off. Below you can see a behind the scenes clip of how the duo created the whole thing without getting arrested.

Source: Uproxxx

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