44 Uncomfortable Pictures That Will Make You Sweat Way More Than They Should

“What’s wrong with this picture?” Everything. Everything is wrong with this picture. If you haven’t had your fill of cringe-worthy content today, you’ll get it here. Looking at any of these uncomfortable pictures will make you really uncomfortable. That’s why they’re called ‘uncomfortable’ pictures. Come on, keep up.
I’m having a hard time looking at these, myself. But in a way, they’re kind of satisfying. It’s like one of those facebook tests you take because you’re bored and you want to see how well you can do on a meaningless task. They’re just like that, only you’re seeing how long you can look at them without clawing your own eyes out. It’s hard, isn’t it? I can’t take it anymore, I’m removing myself from the situation.
Take a good long look at these uncomfortable photos and see if you don’t feel like running away screaming. Have a nice long look at that guy’s laptop. Who needs that many icons?! Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.


1. Why? It’s so dangerous, talk about uncomfortable pictures right?

uncomfortable pictures (1)

2. The closet doesn’t match

uncomfortable pictures 2 (1)


cringe pictures 3 (1)

4. Worst thing ever when that happens.

cringe pictures 4 (1)

5. What are you doing brah? Just use it like a normal person

cringe pictures 5 (1)

6. You monster. How do you cut cake you animal

cringe pictures 6 (1)

7. Thanks. Obama – just kidding, it won’t fit

cringe pictures 7 (1)

8. Cringe worthy soap

cringe pictures 8 (1)

9. Comeon man. Just paint it in the center

cringe pictures 9 (1)

10. You think the faucet is too big? Could be

cringe pictures 10 (1)

11. This is wrong in so many levels

cringe pictures 11 (1)

12. This could be dangerous

cringe pictures 12 (1)

13. Dude. Whats…Whats wrong with your hand?

cringe pictures 13 (1)

14. Yeah i hate when that happens, have a little bit of respect for others would you.

strange pictures 14 (1)

15. OMG. This is actually hurting me

strange pictures 15 (1)

16. Can you notice what’s wrong here?

strange pictures 16 (1)

17.Fuc* you brick!

strange pictures 17 (1)

18. Great work man, i would hire you again for sure

strange pictures 18 (1)

19. So close, but it’s one of the most uncomfortable pictures to watch on this list

strange pictures 19 (1)

20. Is this some sort of new torture? It’s working

strange pictures 20 (1)

21. The off button is green? GREEN?!!

strange pictures 21 (1)

22. How is this possible?

strange pictures 22 (1)

23. Inception ( look at the books )

strange pictures 23 (1)

24. This is just laziness

strange pictures 24 (1)

25. This ruined my day just now

strange pictures 25 (1)

26. Someone had fun here

sickening pictures 26 (1)

27. OK. I need a moment to process this

sickening pictures 27 (1)

28. That’s not an o. That’s an 0 – and it’s weird

sickening pictures 28 (1)

29. I will never wear these shoes

sickening pictures 29 (1)

30. So many buttons, so little time

sickening pictures 30 (1)

31. I don’t know what’s more cringe worthy, the actual picture of Justin Bieber or the food

sickening pictures 31 (1)

32. This cat has some ideas

sickening pictures 32

33. No way this elevator works

sickening pictures 33 (1)

34. This is in a toilet paper factory i think

sickening pictures 34 (1)

35. Black toilet paper. Hmm…Nope!

sickening pictures 35 (1)

36. A mayonnaise vending machine. Can’t get any weirder

sickening pictures 36 (1)

37. Exit sign with the E in lower case. Unacceptable!

sickening pictures 37 (1)

38. Bread cut in the most strangest way

omg pictures 38 (1)

39. This pool will kill someone one day

omg pictures 39 (1)

40. This cupcake looks like a hamster and it’s making me uncomfortable

omg pictures 40 (1)

41. Do you see the flag on the bill is upside down?

omg pictures 41 (1)

42. That one missing brick. My life is over

omg pictures 42 (1)

43. Center not in the center

omg pictures 43 (1)

44. Upside down Oreo cookie proving the world has gone mad

uncomfortable pictures 44 (1)

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