40 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation


Lost in translation

1: Fu*k Vegetables

funny Chinese translations


2: Fu*k the duck until exploded

funny Chinese translations30

3: Beware of safety

funny Chinese translations31

4: Whisky & co*k

funny Chinese translations32

5: Hand grenade – LOL

funny Chinese translations33


6: No discunt – not even a little?

funny Chinese translations34

7: Dumping – sounds delicious!

funny Chinese translations35

8: Execution in progress – let’s just walk away

funny Chinese translations36

9: A time sex thing – where? right now?

funny Chinese translations37


10: Do drunken driving – OK!

funny Chinese translations38

11: Slip and fall down carefully – thanks…I’ll try and remember that

funny Chinese translations1

12: Civilization go to the toilet thanks to everyone – this is very true

funny Chinese translations2

13: No smoking the bed – ok but can I smoke other stuff?

funny Chinese translations3


14: Special! FRESH CRAP

funny Chinese translations4

15: No shiting, thank you – why not?

funny Chinese translations5

16: Meat muscle stupid bean sprouts – even the picture looks terrible

funny Chinese translations5

17: Meat fried cat ear/the plate – ” oh yeah I’ll have the fried cat ears please with fries on the side “

funny Chinese translations6

18: Do not *uck the gum, defend the false trademark PP, PE, PVC – I will do my best

funny Chinese translations7


19: Poisonous & evil rubbish – OMG!

funny Chinese translations8

20: Please don’t be edible – ok I won’t. please don’t try and eat me

funny Chinese translations9

21: I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face

funny Chinese translations10

22: Wang had to burn – isn’t it always?

funny Chinese translations11

23: Potato the crap – what do you guys have with crap?

funny Chinese translations12

24: The only kind I eat

funny Chinese translations13

25: Pretty sure Thomas Edison didn’t say that…but ok

funny Chinese translations14

26: Why everyone keeps cursing in china?

funny Chinese translations15

27: ” Yeah I want a cock 500ML, please “

funny Chinese translations16

28: Urinating onto the pool is accepted here! cool!

funny Chinese translations17

29: Rape when greenstuffs – sounds good! I’ll take it

funny Chinese translations18

30: You want wild germ soup?

funny Chinese translations19

31: I hope it’s happy dreams

funny Chinese translations20

32: You had one job!

funny Chinese translations21

33: You will pay what we want you to pay

funny Chinese translations22

34: I recommend getting the crap stick. even though it sounds bad

funny Chinese translations23

35: Noted

funny Chinese translations24

36: You heartless mother fu**ers

funny Chinese translations25

37: Sure! go right ahead

funny Chinese translations26

38: Every woman favorite meal

funny Chinese translations27

39: It’s the new handicap parking spot

funny Chinese translations28

40: Boy aren’t you being direct

funny Chinese translations29

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