36 Beautiful Holographic Hair Trend Pictures That Are So Stunning You Can’t Look Too Long At Them

After you finish scrolling this gallery I bet you gonna wish to follow this great trend of 2017. It all started with holographic nails but soon the magic of holo colors overflowed almost every fashion corner and the holographic hair trend was born. Here is a great collection of hair styles done in a holographic manner that create a beautiful illusion of metallic holo effect.

Talented hairstylists from Ross Michaels Hair Salon started introducing the 2017 holographic hair trend into the hairstyle world. In the gallery below you can check out numerous examples of this effective hair dying. By mixing particular colors and by skilful extractions of hair locks dying becomes a true magic which transforms girls into unicorns. Blond shades with pastel lavender, baby pink and bright blue are a combination of colors that create the desirable holographic effect.

Now you can witness photos of holographic hair stays overflowing the Internet, especially Instagram. Here are some of the most successful examples of the kind. Take your time to enjoy this unicorn-like hairstyle and who knows maybe soon you’ll be sharing proudly the photo of your own new holographic hairstyle.

1. The great trend of 2017 – holographic hair style

holographic hair (1)

2. Blond shades with pastel lavender, baby pink and bright blue are a combination of colours that create the desirable holo effect.

holographic hair2 (1)

3. Holo colored hair pictures are overflowing the Internet

holographic hair3 (1)

4. Keep scrolling to enjoy more of this unicorn-like hairstyle

holographic hair4 (1)

5. Isn’t this trend beautiful? Looks like Elsa’s hair from Frozen

holographic hair5 (1)

6. You can see the inspiration to this hair color on the right side

holographic hair6 (1)

7. Majestic

holographic hair7 (1)

8. So many bright colors, it’s like looking at the sun

holographic hair8 (1)

Image source: Instagram


holographic hair9 (1)


holographic hair10 (1)

11. It’s hard to work when you look like that

holographic hair11 (1)

12. Just a little bit of color

holographic hair39 (1)



holographic hair13 (1)

14. Hologram hair on the right, and real hologram on the left

holographic hair14 (1)

15. Forget the color, this hairstyle is amazing!

holographic hair15 (1)


holographic hair16 (1)


holographic hair17 (1)


holographic hair18 (1)

19. I simply love this

holographic hair19 (1)

Image credit: Instagram


holographic hair20 (1)


holographic hair21 (1)


holographic hair22 (1)

23. So bright you can’t look at it

holographic hair40 (1)



holographic hair24 (1)


holographic hair25 (1)

Image credit: Instagram


holographic hair26 (1)

Image credit: Instagram


holographic hair27 (1)


holographic hair28 (1)


holographic hair29 (1)

30. Amazing purple color

holographic hair30 (1)


holographic hair31 (1)


holographic hair35 (1)



holographic hair33 (1)


holographic hair42 (1)


holographic hair36 (1)



holographic hair38 (1)



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