22 Cheese Puns That Are Too Important And Funny To Miss Out

Hello, cheese lovers from all over the Internet! You can’t get enough of it, am I right? Cheese is basicly life, whenever on a delicious pizza or just with a good glass of wine, it doesn’t really matter how you consume it, as long as the cheese gets in your belly everything will be right with the world. I’m sure you can relate to all that. So, you keep thinking of it constantly and feel the itch of cheese everytime it’s in the room. If you must talk about it as well, here is something to spice it up and lift the spirits of everyone that is listening, or eating right now, whatever, no judgment. This is the collection of Cheese puns that you’ll enjoy sharing for sure. Take your time to check out more than twenty funny cheese puns we collected for you!

1. What does cheese say when it looks in the mirror?

cheese puns (1)

Cheese puns #2 What Cheese can be used to encourage a bear?

cheese puns 2 (1)

3. What cheese has a bit of an alcohol problem?

cheese funnies 3 (1)

4. What cheese can be used to hide a horse?

cheese funnies 4 (1)

5. What cheese do you need to be very cautious with?

cheese funnies 5 (1)

6. What cheese can fly?

cheese funnies 6 (1)

7. What’s the most religious cheese?

cheese funnies 7 (1)

8. What hotel does cheese stay at?

cheese funnies 8 (1)

9. What’s the saddest cheese?

cheese funnies 9 (1)

10. What does cheese like to drink?

cheese funnies 10 (1)

11. What search engine does cheese use?

cheese jokes 11 (1)

12. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

cheese jokes 12 (1)

13. What music does cheese listen to?

cheese jokes 13 (1)

14. What’s a Beaver’s favourite cheese?

cheese jokes 14 (1)

15. What happens when cheese gets ill?

cheese jokes 15 (1)

16. What does cheese build when it goes to the beach?

cheese jokes 16 (1)

17. What’s always the last piece of cheese left?

cheese jokes 17 (1)

18. What’s a cannibal’s favourite cheese?

cheese jokes 18 (1)

19. Some immature cheeses

cheese jokes 19 (1)

20. Cheezus?

cheese jokes 20 (1)

21. Have a gouda day!

cheese puns 21 (1)

22. I know it’s cheesy…

cheese puns 22 (1)

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