30 Inappropriate Kid Drawings That Are So Embarrassing i Need To Tap Out Of Life


Kids are known for their honesty and innocence. so when a bunch of kids made these inappropriate kid drawings it was no surprise they hit a feel with most parents. Because every parent know that when your kid draw something, most often than not it will be totally embarrassing. If you ever had your kid school teacher calling you in for a chat in the middle of the day, you can almost always be sure it’s about something like this. Scroll through the hilarious list of inappropriate kid drawings and share with your parent friends to see their reaction.

1. Is this the most inappropriate kid drawings ever?

inappropriate kid drawings 1 (1)


2. This is actually fine by us. Go ahead

inappropriate kid drawings 2 (1)

3. I am Buzz lightyear! and i blink blink in peace

embarrassing kid drawings 3 (1)

4. I think your dad would be proud of this inappropriate drawing

embarrassing kid drawings 4 (1)

5. This is the saddest kid painting i ever saw

embarrassing kid drawings 5 (1)


6. This is clearly a lighthouse.

embarrassing kid drawings 6 (1)

7. First drawing of mom. They just nailed it completely

embarrassing kid drawings 7 (1)

8. This is supposed to be a whistle, it kinda is really.

funny kid drawings 8 (1)

9. This kid really loves the beach

funny kid drawings 9 (1)


10. Cold, ruthless card from a kid to his friend

funny kid drawings 10 (1)

11. This awkward kid drawing got me in trouble with my son’s teacher

funny kid drawings 11 (1)

12. Fireman got a thank you note from a kid he saved. LOL

funny kid drawings 12 (1)

13. If this is how this kid sees scissors, i don’t want to know

honest kid drawings 13 (1)


14. First day at school, this is what my kid draw

honest kid drawings 14 (1)

15. Make sure to keep yourself clean at all times

honest kid drawings 15 (1)

16. Inappropriate kid drawings list was born because of this painting

honest kid drawings 16 (1)

17. When your kid is fighting with you…

honest kid drawings 17 (1)

18. This is supposed to be a girl working the farm with a shovel

inappropriate kid paintings 18 (1)


19. When you need to whisper

inappropriate kid paintings 19 (1)

20. A kid draw himself sacrificing his older brother to the alien gods

inappropriate kid paintings 20 (1)

21. Confused farting ducks. I love this

inappropriate kid paintings 21 (1)

22. Most honest card ever

inappropriate kid paintings 22 (1)

23. Mom mowing the lawn like a champ

inappropriate child drawings 23 (1)

24. An inappropriate kid drawing of Santa

inappropriate child drawings 24 (1)

25. This painting got worse by the minute

inappropriate child drawings 25 (1)

26. A kid drawing on his mom

innapropriate child drawings 26 (1)

27. When my mom met my dad for the first time

innapropriate child drawings 27 (1)

28. Artistic kid. Nice job

innapropriate child drawings 28 (1)

29. I love you mom. Happy mother’s day

innapropriate child drawings 29 (1)

30. This is how butterflies are born right?

innapropriate kid drawings 30 (1)

These embarrassing kid drawings are all that stands between you and laughter, let’s share them


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